CCD imaging with a telescope MaxIm DL 6 Released

Diffraction Limited - makers of Cyanogen™ Imaging Products since 1996. We produce award winning imaging software for astronomical, biomedical, industrial, and general laboratory use.

We also develop and manufacture dome automation systems, cloud detection systems, OEM hardware and software, control and data reduction systems for genome scanners, and imaging software for electron microscopes.

SBIG Acquisition


We are pleased to announce that SBIG is now part of Diffraction Limited. Please visit SBIG.com to explore the complete line of high performance CCD imaging cameras.

Tim Puckett is joining our SBIG division as Director of Marketing.

MaxIm DL Version 6

MaxIm DL

The Gold Standard - Now Better Than Ever!

MaxIm DL is the complete integrated solution for all of your astronomical imaging needs. Whether you are collecting and analyzing science data or making beautiful portraits of the night sky, MaxIm DL includes all the tools you need.

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Cloud Sensors

Boltwood Portable and Fixed Cloud Sensors

The Boltwood Cloud Sensor helps keep your valuable observatory equipment safe! An indespensible tool for remote and automated observatories. Also alerts you (or your automated system) when the skies are clear!



MaxPointTM automatically corrects your telescope position to ensure it is always on-target.

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MaxDome II

Boltwood Portable and Fixed Cloud Sensors

MaxDome II is a fully automatic observatory dome control system. Link your dome to a Windows-based PC for complete automation including telescope slaving and shutter control.

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